Thursday, January 28, 2010

How To Make Ballet Shoes From Sugar Paste How Do I Make Ballet Shoes From Modelling Icing Or Sugar Paste?

How do I make ballet shoes from modelling icing or sugar paste? - how to make ballet shoes from sugar paste

I have some ballet slippers on top of a birthday cake. It does not take too much. I thought, modeling of ice, but I'm not sure where to start with the form, etc. Any ideas would be welcomed.


Cookie said...

Draw on the cake.
Watch this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...

monkeymo... said...

If this is not too much - an inch or less - you can start with a "bubble", then roll it into the hands of sausage fat.

Then, should something like an orange stick (a bit like a stick, but with a flat bottom inside) hollow. Tapes would be very complicated, something small.

If you have more to do - two inches or more - would probably put up the ice, then cut the pieces from different parts of the shoe to the form in the forms you need and carry them have hardened. Tapes would be easier if in larger sizes.

It seems difficult, but good luck with it

tweety said...

Look at say hhttp: / / ... to do ... Good luck

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